Product Information Sheets

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Insulfrax Blanket Blanket
Insulfrax® Paper Paper
Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Paper Paper
Fiberfrax® Bulk Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Fiberfrax Durablanket® Z (1425°C) Blanket
Fiberfrax Durablanket® S (1260°C) Blanket
Moist Pak® Blanket Moist Pak
Fiberfrax® Engineered Fibre Bulk Engineered Fibre
Insulfrax® Bulk Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Fiberfrax® Cerlock Module Module
Fiberfrax® Thread-Loc2 Module Module
Fiberfrax® Anchor-Loc3 Module Module
Insulfrax® Module Module
Cervac Board C-80 Board
Cervac Board Z Board
Cervac Board HS Board
Cervac Board HD Board
Cervac Board S Board
Cervac Board LT Board
Cervac Board LT11 Board
Cervac Board HS Plus Board
Moldable / Moldable AR / Moldable WR Specialities
Pumpable Specialities
Coatings Specialities
Veneer Mortar Specialities
Fixwool FX Specialities
Fyreputty Specialities
Fiberfrax® Coating Spinel Specialities
Fiberfrax® QF™ Coating Specialities
Cathod Cement Specialities
Regidizer Specialities
Ceramic Fibre Cloth & Tape Textile
Textile Textile
Fyrewrap® Marine Application FyreWrap
Cable Tray & Duct FyreWrap
Penetretion & Shaft Sealing Fyrewrap
Fiberfrax® Rope Rope
Emission Control Emission Control
PC-Max 2000i Substrate Support Mat Support Mat PC-Max 2000i
Ecoflex 200FL Substrate Support Mat Support Mat Ecoflex 200FL
Ecoflex 400 Substrate Support Mat Support Mat Ecoflex 400
CC-Max 4 HP Substrate Support Mat Support Mat CC-Max 4 HP
CC-Max 5 Substrate Support Mat Support Mat CC-Max 5
XPE-AV2/AV2i Substrate Support Mat Support Mat XPE-AV2/AV2i
IsoMat AV5 Subtrate Support Mat Support Mat IsoMat AV5
IsoMax 1 Support Mat System Support Mat IsoMax 1
XPE-MP Substrate Support Mat Support Mat XPE-MP
VC-Max 1 Support Mat VC-Max 1
QSP Insulation Support Mat QSP Insulation
Textile Rope Rope
Veneer Module Module
Monolane Monolane
Insulfrax® Board Board
Fiberfrax® Ceramic Fiber Felt Felt
HS-MASS 1500 Specialities